Why you should attend

We are honored to have been chosen by Het Scheepvaartmuseum as location partner to host our final event. The Open Pleyn will be transformed to an arena for inspirational speakers, pitching finalists and networking, music and fun. As our guest, you will enjoy the opportunity to learn from leading corporate companies in diverse industries about current action around the Sustainable Development Goals. Also, you will be inspired by young professionals pitching winning initiatives and engaging in an open dialogue with their managers and jury in front of a live audience. Finally, in an open and informal setting, you will have the opportunity for a drink with the SDG World Tour, the Race of the Classics, UN Global Compact NL, Klimaat en Energie Koepel, and all attending company professionals and speakers at one of the most beautiful locations in Amsterdam.

Who should attend

  • All corporate (young) professionals looking for inspiration regarding the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • All previous participants of the Race of the Classics (a reunion) and individuals interested in the 2020 edition  

  • Ambassadors, partners of and interested individuals in the SDG World Tour, UN Global Compact and Klimaat en Energie Koepel

  • Individuals with an open mind and optimism regarding the future, who believe sustainability and innovation is a necessity and can be combined with an evening of inspiration and fun!


Tickets available soon

The Pitch

Selected finalists are given 5 minutes to pitch their initiative to the audience, the jury and their company representative.

As mandate is an important factor within corporate companies, a senior representative is asked to react in 3 minutes and explain in front of the audience whether the initiative aligns with the company focus and strategy.

The independent jury will receive 2 minutes to ask clarifying questions.

Jury and speakers

The final independent jury and speakers will be announced on this website, so please stay tuned for updates.